Yohanes Kidane, 22 Yr Old Black Computer Whiz Is Missing … Believed To Have JUMPED OFF Bridge

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Yohanes Kidane, a 22-year-old Black computer whiz, who recently graduated from Cornell University and had just begun a job at Netflix in California is missing. And Media Take Out learned that police fear the worst.

Yohanes lived in an apartment located in downtown San Jose before he disappeared last week. He was in his second week working at the streaming giant where he had the role of a software engineer.

The computer whiz was last seen on security footage leaving his apartment around 7:15pm on August 14, before he stepped into a vehicle with an Uber sticker, according to his family.

His phone, wallet, and backpack were all found near the Golden Gate Bridge Welcome Centre in San Francisco, according to a missing person poster shared by Kidane’s older brother, Yosief.

Yosief told Dateline that he and his brother have always been extremely close. “People have always confused us. Our names, our appearance, our mannerisms,” he said. “We were fortunate to study together, grow up together, learn together.”

The two even went to the same college: Cornell University. “When he came in doing computer science, it kind of piqued my interest and made me a little competitive. So I started taking some classes and ended up really enjoying it,” he recalled. “Even though he’s a year younger than me, I had the privilege of being his homework partner in our algorithms class.”

Yosief told Dateline that Yohanes has always been smart and that’s something he said he’s always admired. “He was one of the best engineers out of his class at Cornell,” Yosief said. “Very smart, bright individual.”

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