21 Savage Responds To Adin Ross…”Let That J*w Know He’s Blackballed”

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Rapper 21 Savage has responded to allegations that he scammed streamer Kai Cenat after “spanking him” at Madden and winning $300,000.

Adin accused Savage of scamming him out of $250,000 during a game of cards after he found out that the rapper was using marked cards to win the games but fans say the rapper was just trying to promote his own merchandise.

21 heard the allegations and hopped on social media to address them.

“Lame ass n-ggas scratching cards and blaming it on me,” he wrote. “That f-ck n-gga Adin tryna call me a scammer. Let that Jew know that he’s blackballed from all of the rap game.”

Savage also called Ross out after hearing that he allegedly paid $2 million for Playboi Carti to appear on his livestream.

“Bro, $2 million, bro. Bro, why the f-c you ain’t pay me? That’s crazy, bro. I ain’t gon’ lie, bro. I ain’t gon’ lie, bro, that’s f-cked up. Bruh, $2 million for six minutes, bro? Bro, you paid for six minutes. I just seen you give him a bag of cash. We gotta have a talk when I see you, bro. I’m not gon’ lie, bro.”

Adin Ross denies paying Carti $2 million.

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