21 Savage goes Off On Kodak Black Over Drink Champs Interview

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21 Savage hopped on Instagram Live to address Kodak Black’s claims that 21 Savage has changed after he dropped Her Loss with Drake.

“Why the hell you always dragging sh-t tryna make it seem like we got a problem or it’s just deeper than what the f-ck it is, bruh? It ain’t nothing, let it go! Like make your money. You free now. We all go through sh-t. You always tryna bring up the fact that you went to jail and sh-t, like that sh-t just mean like you deserve sh-t more than the next n-gga,” said the Atlanta rapper.

He continued “What changed? ‘Cause I said I felt like I’d beat everybody who’s on the Freshman cover? I’m supposed to feel like that, n-gga! It really be sounding like you just, like I don’t know, you jealous or some sh-t. ‘Oh, he did an album with Drake and switched up. I can’t do no album with him ’cause he did an album with Savage.’ Who the f-ck say that type of sh-t? I don’t give a damn who a n-gga do music with; that ain’t got nothing to do with me.”

Some fans think Yak was speaking from a place of jealousy. Kodak is yet to respond to 21’s remarks.

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