21 Savage Blasts Wack 100 For Calling Him A ‘Snitch’

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21 Savage went off on Wack 100 after the hip hop manager accused him of being a snitch.

“There be a lot of sh-t going on, and I don’t speak on it,” 21 told Wack on Clubhouse. “I done seen you go through real life sh-t and I don’t speak on it, I don’t make fun of it, I don’t speculate about it. Just give me the same respect, gang.”

Wack didn’t seem to know what 21 was speaking on, so the Atlanta rapper told him exactly what he was talking about.

“You calling me a snitch, man! Bruh, you on the internet saying you think I’m an informant, gang. Come on, man,” he responded.

Wack explained, “The D.A. in Atlanta said it’s a well-known rapper who’s telling. You get caught and get threatened to get sent out the country ’cause you ain’t a real citizen. We trying to figure it out…”

21 became heated then Wack straight out asked him the question:

“Did you give up Thug or nah? What’s going on? Thug bought you a brand new truck,” he asked.

“Man, you trying to use me for content! I’m gone, man. I’m gone,” 21 clapped back before leaving the rom.

“You is content, you rat-ass n-gga. You’s a rat, n-gga. You told on Thug, n-gga. F-ck up outta here,” said Wack.

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