1st Black Mass Shooter … Memphis Teen High On Lean Guns Down Random People In Facebook Live!!

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Yesterday, for the first time in modern social media history, the first Black teen to be classified as a “mass shooter” was crowned.

Police in Memphis, Tennessee, arrested a 19-year-old Black teen who they suspect shot and killed four people and injuring at least three others in a rampage on Wednesday afternoon.

The suspect, Ezekiel Kelly, is also accused of two armed carjackings that happened as he attempted to flee from police. According to police, Ezekiel’s rampage was spread across at least eight different crime scenes.

The string of shootings were reportedly livestreamed on Facebook in the city Wednesday. He was seen on video walking up to random people and murdering them in cold blood. In the same videos, Ezekiel was seen sipping on what appeared to be lean. He also appeared to be heavily inebriated.

The victims of Ezekiel appeared to be random – some were White, some Black, some male, and some female. He’s being labelled a serial killer by people all across the City.

Here’s one video:

The suspect was taken into custody following a major manhunt later in the eveningevening.

Memphis police confirmed toMedia Take Out that Kelly was arrested after crashing a stolen car near the area of Ivan Road and Hodge Road.

Here’s video of his capture, which occurred without further incident:

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