18 Yr Old Model CAUGHT Doing The Nasty In Festival Bathroom Admits … I GAVE HIM HERPES! (Watch)

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An 18 year old model who was caught having relations with a man inside a bathroom at a Florida beach festival, is now claiming to have herpes, and is saying that she believes that she infected the man in the video, Media Take Out has learned.

Over the weekend, a video began circulating online, taken at a Florida beach festival. In the video, a couple is seen having relations inside a stall in the men’s bathroom. Partygoers quickly pulled out their phones and recorded the escapade.

Well yesterday, the woman in the video – who is just 18 – spoke out. According to the woman, she was heavily intoxicated during the incident, and she doesn’t even remember what happened.

And there’s more. Media Take Out learned that the woman claimed that she has herpes, and was suffering from a breakout just days before the incident. She claims that she thinks she may have infected the young man in the video.

The woman can be heard saying, “I have herpes .., two days before this went down, I went online and told people that I had that sh*t.”

“When that thing happened in the bathroom, I was out of my mind drunk,” she added.

The woman claim that the whole thing – from meeting the man to having relations happened “so fast” that she didn’t have time to inform him of her medical condition.

According to the 18 year old, Media Take Out heard, she was in a stall in the men’s bathroom, and a man walked in and within seconds, they were already having relations.

Damn …hope everyone gets themselves checked out.

For those interested in seeing the video, click the link below.


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