14 Yr Old Girl R**ped In Brooklyn Transit Tech High School Paid $200K After Boys Post Vid Online!

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The city of New York was forced to pay out a $200,000 legal settlement to a female student who was s**ually abused at her public school – in an assault that was videotaped and posted to social media by two of her teenage attackers, Media take Out has learned.

And the story gets worse. According to the lawsuit, school administrators refused to punish the group of boys, adding to the already ‘dangerous environment’ alleged to be present at the school.

The lawsuit named Marlon Bynum, the principal of East New York’s High School of Transit Technology, and Janice Ross, superintendent of the Brooklyn North district, and says administrators were aware of the incident and the video.

The suit also cites a ‘climate of harassment’ that paved the way for the previously unreported assault – which took place on October 21, 2021, as the girl walked to class through an isolated staircase.

The girl, who was either 13 or 14, immediately reported the attack – telling cops one boy ‘pushed her head down’ onto another boy to perform oral sex, while a third recorded and then posted it to platforms including TikTok and Snapchat.

The NYPD arrested two boys, charging one with felony sexual assault and the other with offensive display, a misdemeanor – but the charges were dropped a week later after the local DA’s office declined to prosecute.

The boys were not punished by the school, when they returned to school the following day.

Then, about a week after the assault, the girl’s family received an unsigned email from the DOE stating that after a probe, officials deemed the boys’ ‘behavior’ did not violate laws that prohibit harassment – despite the litany of charges they were hit with.

Alleging a conspiracy, Mosley told the Ny Post that ‘authorities did not take [the child’s claims] seriously’ and that ‘the cover-up is beyond belief’ – with the girl, now 15, set to receive $132,170, after legal fees, when she turns 18.

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