WOOOOOOW!!! Atlanta Housewife KANDI Gets Into A PUBLIC FIGHT . . . With Her RUMORED LESBIAN LOVER . . . ‘CALL THE POLICE’!!! (Evidence)

: It popped off two nights ago on Kandi Buress’ online talk show. Here’s what happened, Kandi and her friend/co-host Neeq have been fighting recently. Word on the street is that the two are MORE THAN FRIENDS. And that Neeq is upset because Kandi is not ready to settle down for a commitment.

Well, all the pent up animosity EXPLODED on the air during the live webcast. During the webacst, the two girls began PHYSICALLY FIGHTING. And at one point, in the below video, you can hear Kandi say “Call The Police.”

Afterwards, the group regained their composure. But the guest, Lil Duval, appeared to be shaken up after watching the two ladies tussle . . .