WHOOPS!! Rapper JEEZY’S False Teeth FELL OUT . . . During Performance . . . And He Had To GUM HIS WAY THROUGH IT!!!

: Rapper Jeezy has been a legend in these streets for more than a decade – and he’s got all the battle scars to prove it.

Well this weekend, he inadvertently showed one of his HOOD WOUNDS to fans. You see, at one point his grill came out during the performance, and you can see that he’s missing a few teeth in the front.

We still think he’s SEXY though . . . even if he don’t like to be touched by his adoring fans.

At a concert in Jacksonville, Florida, he bugged out when a fan reached out to touch the rapper. His response didn’t include no fists tho. Jeezy just said, “Don’t f*”cking touch me,” then took to social media to school his fans about respecting his personal space.