We’ve Got A PICS From Last Night’s MAYWEATHER FIGHT . . . Latino Dude Had Floyd LEAKING . . . But Floyd GOT IN DAT AZZ!!!

: Last night’s FLOYD MAYWEATHER fight was his most EXCITING FIGHT in almost TEN YEARS. It was exciting, because for the FIRST TIME EVER . . . Floyd was getting TOUCHED.

The fight started out with Maidana coming RIGHT AFTER MONEY MAY. He was being real ROUGH and was giving Floyd a lot of trouble. Then dude HEAD BUTTED FLOYD (which is illegal) and had Money leaking.

Everyone thought that it was going to be a WRAP for the champ . . . but that ain’t happen

Floyd calmed himself and slowly started BEATING THAT MAN’S BODY . . . first with JABS then with RIGHT HANDS and eventually slowed him down. Then Floyd started BEATING THAT GIANT HEAD OF HIS. All the while, making dude MISS MOST OF HIS PUNCHES.

At the end, Floyd managed to pull out a STRONG VICTORY. And while Maidana was tough, he got hit A LOT . . . and according to punch stats – Maidana missed on 76% of his punches.