Vince Young Come Get Your Fiancee – Cause SHE IS A MESS!!!

: While NFL superstar Vince Young was preparing for his loss to the Denver Broncos this past weekend, his fiancée Candice had other plans. According to one of’s faithful readers, Candice was partying it up at a “get high lounge” in downtown Denver.

Here’s what our reader witnessed first hand:

This past weekend in Denver, Vince Young’s [fiancée] and her entourage were spotted at a ‘get high lounge.’ They were in the VIP area and she was acting funny saying that all the “little people” should get out of her section.

I think it would only be right to put her on blast….because she is sooo rude!!!!

We must be getting old, cause we ain’t never heard of a “get high lounge” …