UPDATE On Tracy Morgan’s Condition . . . It Now Looks Like Doctors May SAVE HIS LEG . . . But He Will Have ‘PARTIAL PARALYSIS Though’!! (We Got His MEDICAL HISTORY Inside)

: Here is a report from one of our insider, that works at Robert Johnson Hospital where Tracy is staying:

[Tracy’s] leg is in very bad condition. He has fractured ribs as well as internal bleeding in his abdomen. [While] amputation is an option, he is opting to [keep his leg and] deal with the partial paralysis. But with physical therapy he [could] regain feeling. However nothing is for certain.

He remains optimistic and is in good spirits. He is on monitored IV medication. He suffered a concussion, a couple of broken bones. But he [might] make a full recovery with time. He is more concerned about the others than himself.

He expressed his concerns regarding the charges that were brought on the driver, and is adamant that it was an accident.

His family is with him, and he remains in good spirits. They are having a trauma surgeon come in from jersey shore medical center. He will need surgeries. But he remains positive. He is stable, but is obviously suffering from pain.

And his injuries are serious. But as for the amputation. That is not an option for him.

This is #FACTS# not some report found on Twitter. We spoke to an actual NURSE that saw Tracy.