UPDATE: More On Vince Young’s New Baby Mother

: Yesterday, MediaTakeOut.com was the first news source in the world to show photos of NFL Quarterback Vince Young’s new daughter Niveah (see below). Today, we have a little more information on the drama that surrounds her birth.

You see, Vince Young had been dating a woman named Candice for the last 3 years. She and Vince were college sweethearts and the word around town is that they were headed down the aisle. But all that changed last year when another woman named Fancy turned up pregnant.

After the initial shock, Vince and Candice reportedly were working through the situation. And the two even managed to keep Fancy’s “situation” out of the press. That was, until MediaTakeOut.com got on the case.

But don’t think that Fancy is just some run of the mill gold digger. MediaTakeOut.com has learned that Fancy is a lovely and very intelligent young lady (she’s 20 years old). And her good looks have rubbed off on her adorable new daughter. Niveah is the first child for both Vince and Fancy.

Right now it’s not clear whether Vince intends to continue his romantic relationship with Fancy, Candice, or both. But we understand that Vince and Fancy have worked out an “understanding” – which, for the time being, allows him to keep Candice around.

Vince Young is one of the most talented Quarterbacks in the National Football League. Last year he beat out Reggie Bush for Rookie Of The Year honors. He also made history as one of the first rookies in NFL history to be named to the Pro Bowl.