Update: Keyshia Cole Felt She Was TOO BIG OF A STAR To Perform For The LOWLY People Of Columbus Georgia!!!

: Since MediaTakeOut.com posted our article about Keyshia Cole refusing to perform in Columbus, Georgia, we’ve received literally HUNDREDS of emails from angry concertgoers.

We’d love to print them all, but most of them contain extremely harsh language that’s not suitable for reprinting. But here’s one email from a MediaTakeOut.com reader who witnessed Keyshia’s diva ways first hands:

In regards to the incident in Columbus, GA. I was there back stage before the show. Keyshia looked like she had no intentions of getting on stage. Even at the last minute she wasn’t ready (neither her hair or nails were done).

The whole time she was there, she was complaining about how Columbus was too small of a town for her status. [Keyshia’s] manager tried to calm her down [by telling her] that plenty of her fans live in Columbus. [But she said] that her fans would understand that it wasn’t in her best interest to perform in a small place.

She also called someone in her entourage “fat ass” and would only refer to him only by that name. And the people who were trying to prep her for the show tried to converse with her – but all she did was roll her eyes and did not talk to them (as if the were inferior).

Here are the reason’s I heard Keyshia give for not performing:
1) Columbus was too “small” for her.
2) She “believed” she was a bigger star than Neyo (she stated that loud and clear) and complained as to why she was on before him. Neyo even came to see her and she turned him away and said, ” I don’t want to see that n*gga!!”
3) Columbus Civic Center (where she was to perform) stage wasn’t big enough for her to ride her motorcycle in – even her manager said so. This is the Diva Keyshia Cole!

And Keyshia may have a lot more to worry about than just some angry fans. MediaTakeOut.com learned that a Georgia lawyer is considering bringing a lawsuit against Keyshia Cole on behalf of the cheated concertgoers.

Check back. We suspect there’s a lot more to this story…