UMMMMM ….. Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Gets Its Own BARBIE DOLL … And We Think THAT’S GREAT … But Why Is The DOLL SO LIGHT????

: just caught wind that a new Barbie Doll is going to be created which honors the oldest Black sorority in the nation. Here’s how the press release is describing it:

Mattel Inc. created the limited-edition AKA Centennial Barbie, the first Barbie based on any sorority.

The doll, outfitted in a pink and green evening gown, matching jeweled shoes and gold jewelry, honors the Chicago-headquartered sorority, the first established by black women.

The sorority has inducted about 200,000 members — including actress Phylicia Rashad, educator Marva Collins and author Toni Morrison — since its founding at Howard University in 1908.

We think it’s a great look for both Mattell and the AKAs. But if the doll is supposed to be representing a sorority for Black Women – why did they choose to make the doll that color ….

And to all the proud AKAs out there – we’re not trying to start no mess. But somebody had to ask the question ….