TOLD YA SO!! 50 Cent Confirms Getting Into A FIST FIGHT With Floyd Mayweather!!!

: You’ll recall a few months ago, was the first and only news source in the world to report that rapper 50 Cent and boxer Floyd Mayweather got into a fist fight. In our report we told you that one of our G-Unit insiders gave us all the details.

Well, guess what. 50 went on New York’s Hot 97 the other day and CONFIRMED what we reported – 100%. (Read our initial report here)

To Listen To 50 Confirm Our Report, click here

And to think … some of you guys didn’t believe us. Some of y’all even started talking sideways about us. Here’s what a few of you guys said:

Guilty_Pleasure – Another story made up by MTO. Floyd Mayweather is a business man and I can’t see him fighting for free. Especially against 50 who he could get millions for fighting on TV.

KEKO1720 – Funny how MTO always get its “crap”… sorry…”news” from an insider…
As much “bitchassness” 50 has…I don’t think that they would have been coo again after throwing blows…

MDL219 – This story is so fake. First off it was told by someone in his camp that was not there. “according to a member of 50’s camp, who heard all about the incident, “punches were thrown.” Please MTO, yall have to come better than that, I cant wait to see yall sued for LYING!!!!!


SMDH … Don’t worry you guys, you don’t have to apologize …. Just next time have a little more faith