MTO SHOCK EXCLUSIVE: Beyonce Had An EMBARRASSING Wardrobe Malfunction At The Grammys . . . She Wasn’t Wearing Underwear . . . And She Exposed Her ENTIRE MONKEY!!! (You See It ALL . . . EVERYTHING)

: Beyonce may have had one of the most EMBARRASSING moments of her CAREER last night . .. her MONKEY CAME OUT on national television. It happened as she was presenting BRUNO MARS with his BEST SONG award. Bey bent over to give him the award . . . and POW, her monkey came loose.

This is not entirely surprising. Beyonce recently PARTED WAYS with her longtime stylist TY. Ty was in charge of not only making the queen look PERFECT, but with keeping Beyonce’s BODY PARTS COVERED. Something like this would NEVER have happened under his watch . . .

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