TI’s Baby’s Mother Photo’d Drinking While Pregnant!!

: The rapper T.I. is about to find himself caught in a world of controversy. That’s because MediaTakeOut.com has obtained photos of his current girlfriend Tiny (formerly of the group Xscape) drinking an alcoholic beverage at a party. Why is this such a big deal – you ask? Because Tiny is currently 6 months pregnant with T.I.’s child.

Two years ago, the Surgeon General issued a warning to all pregnant women. The top doctor indicated that any alcohol use – no matter how light or infrequent – could lead to birth defects.

But Tiny doesn’t appear to be heeding that warning. In the first photograph below, which appears to have been taken without Tiny’s knowledge, you can clearly see her holding a wine glass filled with a dark liquid. And next to the former Xscape singer is a gentleman brandishing a large bottle of alcohol.

And the third photo below appears to show that Tiny was conscious of her bad behavior. In that photo, which was reportedly taken just a few seconds after the first two, a glossy eyed Tiny is seated next to T.I. – but her wine glass is strategically out of view.

T.I. and Tiny have dated on and off for the last 3 years. The two have one child together.