THEY GOT HER!!! Goons Attack Katt Stacks . . . Bust Her In The Head With A CIROC Bottle . . . Then They Go On Twitter And BRAG ABOUT IT!!

: Two nights ago, Kat Stacks met her match. While doing an appearance at Ice Lounge Indianapolis, sh*t popped off. According to the people at the club, Katt started talking reckless. And according to Katt, the club people started acting up.

But whomever you believe started it, the club goons ended it. Word Is that they started throwing Ciroc and Rose bottles at Kat, and that one it her in the head like BOINK!!!

Kinda funny . . . but VERY ILLEGAL. Why would these dudes SNITCH ON THEMSELVES like that . .. right on Twitter!!! R’UH R’OH!!