The Tranney’s SNITCHIN!!! Confirms That She Had A 2 YEAR LOVE AFFAIR With Rapper Chingy . . . And OTHER RAPPERS!!! (Plus Bikini Pics)

: Hip Hop will NEVER be the same. There have been TONS of rumored HOMOSEXUAL relationships in the industry. But for the FIRST TIME EVER . . . a gay man (well, actually a Tranney) is coming forward to confirm that he had GAY RELATIONS with hip hop stars.

In an interview with San Francisco radio, transexual Sidney Star CONFIRMED that she and Chingy have had relations. Here is what she said:

Von: Did you date Chingy?

Ummm . . . I’m gonna say we had a relationship, a friendship/relationship. There was definitely something with us. We had a relationship going on for almost two years.

Von: So off the top, he knew [you were born a man]?

Sidney: Yes.

Von: So wow, y’all are not cool no more.

Sidney: Right now, since all of this has happened, I’m steering myself away from it all . . . the haters messed it up. I do want to say that I tried to use this to get some type of fame. If I wanted to do this to get fame, I would have done this two years ago.

Von: How many other popular dudes were involved.

Sidney: Chingy is NOT the only celebrity that I’ve been with.

And can OFFICIALLY confirm that. Since posting the initial report an EXTREMELY POPULAR ATLANTA RAPPER had his lawyers THREATEN US. Even though we have NEVER mentioned in ANY story that he and Sidney dated, the rap stars lawyers are ALREADY on our azz.

This story is like a dude smoking in a gas station . . . it’s about to BLOWWWW UPPPP!!!

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