The Sherri Sheppard DIVORCE DRAMA Is Getting Even MORE SCANDALOUS . . . They’re Saying That Her HUSBAND . . . F*CKED One Of Sherri’s BRIDESMAIDS!!!

: Here is a report from the National Enquirer:

The View’s SHERRI SHEPHERD’s husband be­trayed her on their wedding day –be­cause he never told her that he once had an in­timate relationship with one of her bridesmaids, charge insiders. . . Sal, 41, asked to have his good friend Wendy Marrisa Peel includ­ed in the wedding party for the Aug. 13 nup­tials in Chicago, say insid­ers.

But some sources claim that Wendy was much more than just a “friend.” “Sal and Wendy met at college in 1990 and dat­ed for about a year,” a close family friend revealed ex­clusively to the ENQUIRER. “But they mutually decided they were not meant to be in a committed relationship, so they broke up. “However, they remained ‘friends with benefits’ right up to the time Sal met and started dating Sherri! “It is quite possible Wendy was the last person Sal was intimate with before he met Sherri.” A principal in the Los An­geles area, Wendy, 40, has a 3-year-old child who is Sal’s goddaughter.

When Sherri, 44, started planning her wedding to Sal, “he begged her to include Wendy as a brides­maid.” So along with Sherri’s “View” co-host Elisa­beth Hassel­beck and six other bridesmaids, Wendy was front and center when the two tied the knot. “Now every time Sherri looks at their wedding photo, she has to see one of Sal’s ex-lovers stand­ing right beside her.”

Any man that would ask to have his JUMPOFF serve as a BRIDESMAID is a low down dirty dude . . .