The Basketball Wives Reunion Took RACTHET To A Whole NEW LEVEL . . . Audience Members JUMPED ON STAGE . . . And Beat Up SUNDY CARTER!!!

: was watching last night’s BASKETBALL WIVES REUNION . . . and we could HARDLY BELIEVE WHAT WE SAW. We’ve heard of CASTMEMBERS putting hands on each other . . . but yesterday AUDIENCE MEMBERS rushed the stage – and put HANDS on Sundy Carter.

According to a SNITCH who produced on the show, two of Malaysia’s FEMALE COUSINS and one of Brandi’s MALE FRIENDS rushed the stage – to try and BEAT UP Sundy Carter. And they actually PUT HANDS ON HER. The producer explained, “When Sundy took off her shoe, I guess they felt that was too much . . . so [the audience members] rushed the stage and threw Sundy down. . . I’ve never seen anything like it, someone could have really gotten hurt.”

The producers decided to CUT THAT PART OUT, because it was a little TOO RATCHET FOR TV. Sundy was thrown to the ground and hit, but she was not injured – cause she finished taping the show – after the HOOLIGANS were tossed out.

This is the SECOND TIME this season that Sundy got a case of THE BEATS. Remember when Draya punched her in the eye earlier on the show.