Tango’s Girlfriend To New York: Find A New Man!!

: Ever since the finale of VH1’s I Love New York, people have been hoping that Tango and New York would make a love connection. But there may be little chance of that happening. That’s because MediaTakeOut.com has learned that Tango already has a girlfriend.

MediaTakeOut.com located a woman claiming to be Tango’s girlfriend – and she had a lot to say. The young lady, who is a student at Florida A&M University, told us, “The show was just a big game … you know, for his rap career. But that psycho New York doesn’t seem to get it. The crazy [EXPLETIVE] texts [Tango] at least 100 times a day and sends him all kinds of naked pictures of herself.”

And according to the woman, she’s beginning to fear for her safety. She explains, “I’m not really worried about Tango leaving me for her. But I’m worried that [New York] may spazz out one day and come and get us.” The young lady continues, “If you read some of the things she sends [Tango], you’d be worried too. In one message she said that she’s not afraid to murder someone for [Tango]. … Most of the times me and [Tango] read what she writes, we laugh at her. But there’s nothing funny about murder.”

And there may some truth to what the woman is saying. A key source at VH1 told MediaTakeOut.com that during the taping of the reunion show, Tango was very cold towards New York.

The I Love New York reunion show is scheduled to air this Sunday night on VH1.