SHOCKING STORY!!! Mother BLEACHES Infants Skin . . . To Make The Baby LIGHT SKINNED!!

: One reader told us about a very DISTURBING image going around the internet. It was taken from a message board called According to the website, the above baby is getting her skin bleached by her mama. Here’s what the poster had to say:

My friend bleaches her 9 month old son. She only dates light skinned men as she puts it “who doesn’t want light skinned children black is dirty”. Both her sons were born with more or less the same colour as her, now she bleaches the both of them.

The father in the picture, is totally unaware of this. I have spoken to her on a number of occasions to stop but my words have fallen on deaf ears. I am not one for minding peoples business but what she is doing is dangerous.

Do you think i should tell the daddy?

If somebody knows who this child is . . . PLEASE TELL US . . . so that we can refer CHILD SERVICES to his home!!!