SHOCKING REVELATION!!! Rapper The Game Claims That 50 Cent HAS SEX With Tony Yayo And Lloyd Banks!!!

: just caught wind of an EXPLOSIVE interview given by rapper the game. In it, The Game claims (possibly jokingly?) that 50 and members of G-Unit are engaged in homosexual relations. Here’s his exact quote – judge for yourself:

At the end it’s only gonna be Tony Yayo and 50, Banks ‘gon go too man, I’m tellin’ you it’s only a certain amount of time man that you can just f*ck n*ggas in they as* man and you can’t – that’s me man I saw the rubber comin’ I jetted, I’m out n*gga.

I’m not with that homo sh*t. You can do that homo sh*t to them n*ggas man. Them n*ggas love a**, butt f*ckers, butt pirates. They do all that s*it that’s they s*it man, I like girls man.

Game, you’re gonna have to clear this one up…