SHOCKING INTERVIEW: Is Actor Leon (From The Five Heartbeats Trying To Come Out The Closet?????

: caught wind that actor Leon is going to be starring in a new film about downlow men called Cover. While giving a recent interview, the actor made some interesting statements. Now maybe he’s just very understanding (and LAWD knows that we can use more of that). But the way he answers the questions makes us wonder if he may be talking about something a little deeper than just the character

Y’all can judge this however you want to. Here’s what he said:

Let’s just start talking about things, knowing who we are and letting women know who their men are sleeping with, if it’s not just them. As long as you have a choice it doesn’t matter, many women are still gonna be with men who sleep with men. That’s not gonna change, they’re still gonna be with their man. It happens, 71% of women find out and stay with their man, but at least they know and they’ve made that decision. That’s the only thing that I’ve ever said with my opinion on it was that they have a right to know.

But on the other side of the coin you have a character like my character [Ryan Chambers, in Cover]. You say, “Be honest and open,”  [but] are you serious? I’m a famous guy and a ladies man, you think I’m gonna risk my career and family by telling you that I’m on the DL and I see the way you react? You won’t even talk about homosexuality in the churches or at home, but I’m gonna sit there and tell you I’m one and have you treat me horribly and take everything I work for? There’s the other side of the coin – you want men to be open and honest but you don’t give them an open and honest arena to come out in.

MMmmmm Hmmmmmm….