SHOCKER: Woman Claims That Rapper Twista FORCED Her To Have AN ABORTION!!!

: Every day gets dozens of requests to put celebrities On Blast! But this one was particularly troubling. According to one of our faithful readers, Chicago rapper Twista did some pretty foul things to his ex girlfriend – female rapper Erykah Kane.

Here’s an excerpt taken from a heart wrenching letter that Erykah wrote to one of Twista’s family members:

I’m not bitter, I’m blessed. Yes, it has been 7 years. But I am saddened that the support I gave (and many others gave) to Twista was not appreciated, nor reciprocated.

I honored [Twista] like I’d never honored anybody. I would have given my life for him — as a matter of fact, [I should have two children] — but I sacrificed their lives because it was what T wanted. Their blood is still on my hands and that I will never get over — It hurts and it will always hurt.

When I aborted my twins I suffered so much. Twista looked me in my eyes after we left the clinic and he said, “Kane now I feel obligated to make your career happen” that was hurtful to me because I had been with him for years at that point — and it took me to kill my seeds for him to consider making an effort to help me? What was I doing all those years on tour, putting my family and friends aside to support this man.

Quickly after [Twista made that promise], he left me to sell crack. I had nothing, because my only focus was him after he left — I was left with nothing. He promised me he would give me money he owed me, he promised me he would look out for me and he didn’t keep his word.

And it looks like all the bad karma that Twista put out may be finally catching up to him. His stock seems to have fallen sharply in recent months. His last album sold on 38,000 copies in its first week. And a few weeks ago, the Chicago rapper was dropped from his label Atlantic records.

By contrast, Erykah’s career seems to be taking off. Check out her latest music on her Myspace page. It’s actually pretty good.