SHOCKER: Superhead Talks About Her AFFAIR With CHRIS BROWN!!!

: A few days ago provided a detailed summary of Superhead’s new book The Vixen Diaries. But we missed a part – and it turns out that it was the juiciest part of the entire book.

In a chapter Superhead describes a relationship that she had with a young African American celebrity that she calls “Baby Boy”. Well has learned that the celebrity that she’s talking about is none other than 18 year old R&B superstar Chris Brown.

Here’s how Superhead describes what she thought of Chris Brown the first time they met:

He is beautiful and tall, with a smile that would melt any girl’s heart, but he is young, very young. As we were being introduced in the midst of a crowded room, eyes on us, I was afraid to look at him. He had an air about himself that I couldn’t comprehend. For someone so young, he carried himself like an experienced man … The young man had class and smarts – and by the end of the night, he had me.

Here’s how she described their first night together:

He planted his lips on mine, and his sweet kiss extinguished my fight as I lay on my back, inviting him to mount me, to make love to me, to make it impossible to do without him from this night forward.

Slow and sensual, he moved inside me. Then I rolled on top of him, surprised by his size, unwilling and unable to handle it all. Our eyes were locked and fixed on each other as we explored each other’s bodies and needs; I felt him and he felt me, and then it was over

Wow!! We can’t decide whether this is a good look or a bad look for Young Breezy. One things for sure – he needs to go to the clinic and have his privates LOOKED AT!!!