SHOCKER: Sean Levert, Gerald’s Brother, DIES IN JAIL!!

: is sad to report that Sean Levert, brother of Gerald Levert died last night in prison. Sean was incarcerated last week after he repeatedly failed to pay child support to the mother of his children.

Right now its not clear what caused the 39 year old Sean’s untimely death. One of Sean’s family members reached out to explaining, “Going to jail and all the publicity surrounding it was too much for [Sean]. It’s an extremely sad situation.”


EDITOR’S UPDATE – A member of the Levert family reached out to us and told us the following:

I wanted to personally let you know that Sean Levert did not die in Jail, yet he was sent to the hospital and died one hour later(Midnight) at Lutheran Hospital. Right now we (the family) are devastated by my uncle death, and we wish thank everyone for the prayers and the condolences.

Thank You.