SHOCKER!! A Fight Breaks Out At Sean Levert’s Funeral

: received an upsetting email from one of our loyal readers. Here it is:

I am an avid reader of your site and I came across an interesting tidbit and thought I should share it with all my fellow readers.

Sean Levert’s funeral was a riot! The wake took place last Thursday in Cleveland while the actual funeral was the following day, Friday. In the midst of everyone mourning the death of this man – a fight broke out and all type of furniture was thrown during the service.

Now I wasn’t there personally but a good friend of mine, who’s mother use to date Gerald Levert was.

Please get this out as soon as possible because I think the behavior displayed at this man’s homegoing service was utterly ridiculous and classic black folk…fighting at a damn funeral. How rude?

You know this is a dang shame. Some folk just don’t know how to act…