SHOCK STORY!!!! Mother Allows Her 5 Year Old Son To BE A TRANNEY!!! (PICS Of The Youngest TRANNEY On Record)

: just caught wind of a very BIZARRE and TROUBLING story. A five-year-old Black boy named Dyson loves wearing dresses, jewelry, and all kinds of stuff that’s traditionally for girls. Well his mom, Cheryl, thinks that it’s a GOOD IDEA to allow the boy to dress like a girl..

So Cheryl worked with the school, and now Dyson is even able to wear dresses to school.

Of course, Cheryl is now capitalizing on her tranney son, by writing a children’s book about his experience.

Check out the video, of the family explaining everything – and the FATHER co-signing on this mess:

This is BEYOND CRAZY. Now y’all know that we here at TOTALLY support gay folk (heck, half our staff is gay). But that’s a boy . . . somebody needs to call child protective services on that family . . .