SHOCK LAWSUIT: A Woman Is Claiming In a NEW LAWSUIT . . . That Kim Kardashian . . . Has Been EXPOSED TO HERPES!! (Kanye’s FUTURE WIFEY . . . May HAVE THE VIRUS)

: Kim Kardashian’s HEALTH is being PUT ON BLAST in a new lawsuit – being filed against her EX-HUSBAND Kris Humphries. According to one of Kris exes, she caught HERPES from him . . . while he was MARRIED to Kim Kardashian.

By implication, if Kris had HERPES . . . and he was MARRIED to Kim . .. then he EXPOSED HER TO THE VIRUS – and she prolly GOT IT TOO.

Here is what the website RADAR ONLINE is reporting:

Goldberg has claimed that she was diagnosed with herpes shortly after hooking up with Humphries on August 31, 2010. “Since the outset of litigation, Humphries has steadfastly denied having any herpes virus,” the documents note. However, “Humphries has also admitted that he has never been tested for herpes simplex virus type 1. … At the same time, Humphries has refused to submit to a test for sexually transmitted infections to lay this matter to rest.”

Now, Goldberg has asked a judge to force him to get tested, noting in the documents that “Good cause for a physical examination of Mr. Humphries including a test for sexually transmitted infections exists because Humphries denies that he is infected with any herpes virus, yet has simultaneously admitted to not having been tested for herpes simplex virus type 1. In essence, Humphries wants Plaintiff and this Court to take him at his word that he is free of any herpes virus while refusing to submit to tests that prove that is so.”