SHAQ’s Side Of Things: When My Wife Found Out I Got My JUMPOFF Pregnant, She STOLE $9M!!!

: If you thought that the Shaq divorce saga was over – you’d be wrong. got some more juicy details into the superstar couple’s rocky marriage.

As we first reported to you a few weeks ago, speculation is that Shaquille O’Neal got a woman pregnant before he and Shaunie separated. Now has exclusively learned that Shaq left Shaunie to be with this new girlfriend – and that Shaq and the woman are currently dating.

But Shaunie O’Neal reportedly wasn’t about to sit back and let another woman get her man and the family money. According to a person close to Shaunie, once she found out that Shaq was planning on leaver her for his pregnant girlfriend – she began stashing away the family money. The insider tells, “Shaunie [took] 9 million dollars from Shaq once she found out that he had indeed had an affair and gotten another woman pregnant.”

And that’s not the best part. Word is that Shaunie was entitled to substantially less than $9 million under the prenuptial agreement that she signed before the wedding.

Shaquille and Shaunie O’Neal are currently involved in one of the most bitter celebrity divorces in recent memory. The NBA superstar’s lawyers have already demanded a full accounting of Shaunie’s assets. Shaunie’s lawyers have yet to respond to the demand.