Sad News Regarding 1980s R&B Singer AL B SURE!! (His Family Needs Our PRAYERS Y’all)

: receved the following email from R&b singer AL B SURE:

As you know mom was diagnosed with breast cancer this year and it has been quite a journey for mom with the chemo therapy and several trips per week to the Dr’s office for months and I have not left her side because she’s my best friend as well as I am her biggest fan (Yes, I’m a Mamas Boy and proud of it Lol)!

Yesterday (Monday) Mom had surgery at Marina Del Rey Medical Facility and everyone there was absolutely amazing. Her Doctor is brilliant, very kind and has been more than comforting during the entire process. The surgery (Mastectomy) went as well as expected re the removal of the tumor.

I will make sure that she lives a Disney Land life for the duration. She has been enthusiastic and quite the “Shero” as she always has been.

Your prayers, well wishes and good thoughts are welcomed and much needed. As you know please don’t worry about me, Ive got her!!! I have no idea what I will do when its time but she has injected a strength in me and she is my Rock, and we are rolling together till the wheels fall off. Thank you for being family and having love for my mom. She feels the same for you.

Our prayers are with you and your mom, bruh . . .