RUMOR!! They’re Saying Now That Rapper Bow Wow Is SUPPOSEDLY Dating Angel Lola Luv

: received an email from a person claiming that rapper Bow Wow is dating model Angel Lola Luv. Here’s what the emailer said:

I was at a club in VIP and I happened to spot Angel Lola Luv and Bow Wow all cuddled up in a corner next to each other. I thought hmmm that’s strange. So as the photographers started to get pictures Bow Wow only let them take pictures of he and Angel Lola Luv.

Alot of other guys were in line tryin to get their pictures taken with Angel but Bow Wow was not having it. He was guarding and watching her every move. I could tell by his body language and him being so protective over her that they were indeed an item. And after the club was over they both left together.

Bow Wow … is that you playing around on the computer??? How you gonna go off and start a rumor about yo’self like that….