RUMOR: Did Bow Wow Cry On 106 & Park Yesterday???

: is hearing whispers that rap star Lil Bow Wow may have gotten emotional during a taping of BET’s 106 & Park. According to one of our eagle-eyed readers, the pint sized rapper got all teary eyed when co-host Rocsi brought up his ex-girlfriend Ciara’s new relationship with 50 Cent.

Here’s what she saw:

[Rocsi] asked him how he felt about Ciara & 50’s video. [Bow Wow] gave his answer then [the camera cut to] the freestyle dance battle. [When the battle was over] Rosci asked him what he thought about the battle [and] they zoomed in on Bow Wow – and you could see that his eyes were watery like he was crying. Bow Wow almost had a breakdown

Don’t laugh guys. Love hurts….