: has learned that rapper Remy Ma is wanted by the NYC police for shooting a 23 year old woman with whom she had an altercation. According to sources in the New York Police Department, Remy and the woman got into a verbal argument at a NYC night club.

The argument, police claim, spilled out into the street – where Remy Ma is reported to have pulled out a gun and shot the woman once in the abdomen.

And that’s not all. The police allege that after Remy fired the sot, she and her entourage attempted to flee the scene. The group first tried to escape in a Black SUV, but after they got into an accident, Remy and her crew escaped on foot.

Right now, Remy’s whereabouts are unknown. But police warn that you should not approach her if you see her – she should be considered ARMED AND DANGEROUS

The woman who was shot is currently in the hospital in stable condition.

EDITOR’S NOTE: was the FIRST NEWS SOURCE ON THE INTERNET to report this story. Now most mainstream sites are reporting on the incident.
ANOTHER EDITOR’S NOTE: Remy Ma has turned herself in and was arrested for Attempted Murder. Right now she’s in a NYC correctional facility. For the full story, click here.