Remember That Rapper Who KILLED HIS OWN MOTHER . . . For Insurance Money . . . Well He Was Reportedly RAPED AND KILLED IN JAIL!!!

: Two years ago, told you guys the story of a rapper named Rapper Young QC, a.k.a. Qaw’mane Wilson. Young QC was allegedly involved in the brutal slaying of his own mother. Police say the rapper killed his mother in order to receive insurance money.

Young QC was never convicted of the charges, and was set to stand trial later this year. But now it appears that that won’t happen, because new reports say that he’s DEAD.

The disgraced rapper was reportedly found DEAD – laying face down naked in the shower, with stab wounds all over his body. According to reports, a corrections officer was doing head count when Qaw’mane came up missing. Upon searching the unit, Qaw’mane was found in the shower in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds in the chest and upper torso.

The reports say that police are claiming that Qaw’mane was sexually assaulted before they stabbed him to death.

Police have not officially confirmed the report, however.