Remember That PROSTITUTE Divine Brown Who Was CAUGHT With Actor HUGH GRANT . . . Well Some Dude WIFE’D HER . .. Now She’s A SUBURBAN HOUSEWIFE!! (Pics)

: learned that former PROSTITUTE Divine Brown really TURNED HER LIFE AROUND after getting caught giving BRAIN to actor Hugh Grant – in exchange for $50.

In the mid 1990s this was a HUGE case. Hugh Grant was ENGAGED to fellow actor Elizabeth Hurley when he got caught with DIVINE.

But Divine turned her infamy . . . into a way out of PROSTITUTION. Divine told the UK’s Daily Mail that she was paid $1.5 million to tell her story to various NEWS OUTLETS. And that she took the money and used it to send her two OLDER daughters to college.

She also managed to move into a home in Texas, away from the Los Angeles streets where she PROSTITUTED herself.

And that’s not all, Divine has become a church going CHRISTIAN and turned her life around. Currently, she lives in the SUBURBS of Atlanta with her youngest daughter and her fiance.

Good for her .. . .