Rapper Gucci Man Checks Himself Into A DRUG REHAB . . . He’s ADDICTED To COCAINE!!!

: First SOULJA BOY was exposed sniffing coke. Then rapper TI admitted in court to being addicted to DRANK. Now rapper GUCCI MANE is coming to terms with his drug problems.

MediaTakeOut.com learned that rapper Gucci Mane checked himself into a month-long drug rehabilitation facility. He’s being treated for COCAINE ADDICTION. Here’s how Ozone magazine is reporting it:

Turns out Narcotics Anonymous isn’t so anonymous after all. An NA attendee tells OZONE that their regularly scheduled meeting last night was interrupted by a nearly hour-long standoff outside the facility at Riverwoods Psychiatric Center in Riverdale, GA (on the south side of Atlanta). Reportedly, members of Gucci Mane’s entourage – including his manager and lawyer – pleaded with the rapper to get help, causing quite a scene outside the hospital.

His lawyer constantly reminded him that rehabilitation was the only alternative to facing more jail time and ultimately Gucci relented, turning himself in for a 28-day program around 8 PM on October 14th.

This issue of rappers ON DRUGS is starting to come out of the shadows . . . and into the FOREFRONT!!!