Popular Video Vixen Claims That NFL BALLER Raped Her . . .Do You BELIEVE Her!! (Details Of WHAT HAPPENED . . . Plus NEKKID PICS Of The Accuser)

: We here at MediaTakeOut.com take rape allegations very seriously. In fact we believe the woman in about 99.9% of the cases.

But a recent rape allegation involving an NFL star and a video chick is sounding a little off. Here are the facts of the case, according to the Denver Post:

The complaint said the alleged sexual assault happened on or about Sept. 6. Lone Tree police said they received a complaint from the alleged victim for the first time on Oct. 28.

Meissner-Cutler today refused to make public the arrest affidavit in the sex assault case, containing the details of the evidence against Cox, who is charged with sexual assault on a helpless victim and sexual assault on a victim incapable of appraising her own condition. The judge agreed that the prosecution and defense need more time to study the evidence against the cornerback before making the case file public.

“The court at this time believes the affidavit should remain sealed,” Meissner-Cutler said. Without that, there is no explanation for the time gap in the court file.

And not that it SHOULD matter . . . but the accuser is a video vixen named Camille Washington who is . . . how can we say . . . WELL KNOWN amongst athletes . ..