Police Videotape NFL baller TO DEATH . . . Was It JUSTIFIED . . . Or EXCESSIVE FORCE!! (Warning – Video Contains DEATH)

: Florida police had NO CHOICE but to shoot and KILL former football star Jermaine Green, after they found him at home choking his girlfriend with his left arm and his right hand gripped a large knife. They videotaped the entire incident. Jermaine played for the NY Giants.

Daytona Beach Officers Richard Maher and Kevin Connelly kicked in the front door of the house where Green was staying . It was just after 3 a.m. when the officers saw Green duck into a bedroom, his girlfriend Katherine Johnson struggling to get away from his grasp, the video shows.

In the next few seconds, one of the policemen stood in the doorway of a cluttered bedroom and yelled at Green to release his hostage. A half-naked Green was on a bed with Johnson. She was on top of him, face up, her black shorts pulled down slightly.

“Let her go dude, let her go,” the officer yelled at Green. “Let her go man, I’m telling you right now.”

The next thing the officer saw was Green’s right arm — with the knife in his hand — raise slightly and then come down rapidly as he almost plunged the weapon into Johnson’s chest.

“He’s doing it,” the policeman said to his partner.

The next words yelled out by one of the officers was “Shoot the (expletive deleted).”

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