Pal: Wesley Snipes Is Suicidal!!

: A few months ago Wesley Snipes surrendered to authorities charging him with federal tax evasion. But it now looks like he may have more trouble ahead of him than just the law.

One of Wesley’s pals reached out to with concerns that the Blade star may be on the verge of harming himself. The friend, who’s known Wesley for many years, claims that Snipes has been acting strangely lately – and the behavior is worrisome.

The pal told, “Wesley has been really depressed over the [tax evasion] case. I’ve never seen him this way.” The concerned friend added, “One time when we were talking about one thing or another and, all of a sudden, he started talking about prison. What struck me about the conversation was that he said something to the effect of ‘I can’t go to jail if I’m not alive’ … It’s that kind of talk that frightens me.”

And there’s more. Wesley’s buddy claims that a few weeks ago, the actor spent days hauled up in a hotel room – all by himself. The friend explained to, “He claimed he was meditating in there, but no one meditates for days. His wife is worried, his friends are worried, and I really want him to get some help.”

Wesley Snipes is scheduled to stand trial for tax evasion charges this fall. If convicted he faces up to 16 years in prison.