ON BLAST!! Groupie Put NEKKID Pics Of NBAs Dorell Wright ON THE WEB!!

: MediaTakeOut.com learned that a few nights ago, NBA baller Dorrell Wright (from the Miami Heat) got put on EXTRA BLAST!!!

You see his girlfriend, photo’d below and Twitter name @Mio_myo, started posting Tweets about how GREAT of a man he is to her. And how much the two of them were IN LOVE!!!

Well a NUMBER OF GROUPIES didn’t like the fact that she was BRAGGING about her relationship and decided to put her man ON BLAST. After she politely asked the groupies to stop GOING IN on her baller BF, the groupies took things WAAAAY left – posting NUDE photos of Dorell on Twitter.

Here’s what was said, before the groupie published the pics:

@mrzanonymouz: well how bout I just informed everyone about the 5 inches of c*** you put into your mouth and v***** everynight @mio_myo

If you want to see what dude looks like nekkid … you’ll have to click below – onto TWITTER. This is a FAMILY website, and we can’t host that kinda NASTINESS on our servers.

For the VERY UNCENSORED pic, click here