O . . . EMMM . . . GEEE!!! Evidence Is Starting To Mount That Kim Kardashian And LEBRON JAMES Have A Special Friendship!! (Pics And Details)

: MediaTakeOut.com spoke with an insider who claims that Kim Kardashian is trying VERY HARD to take Savannah’s place. And that so far, LeBron seems OPEN to Kim’s offer.

The insider explained, “Kim and [LeBron] are friends. They’ve partied together and there’s always been a mutual attraction. Now that Kim’s single, she would like to take things to another level.”

And so far, it’s working. MediaTakeOut.com learned that yesterday Kim Kardashian attended the Nets-Miami Heat game, as a PERSONAL GUEST of LeBron’s.

The insider explained, “LeBron knows that Kim not only brings a pretty face to the table. She can elevate his level. He’s well known in the sports world, but she can make him more popular with women.”

And that’s not all. MediaTakeOut.com’s insider continued, “At the end of the day, David Beckham needed Posh Spice to elevate him from sports superstar to national icon. And Kim could do the same for LeBron.”

Wow that sounds very BUSINESSLIKE . . . what ever happened to love, caring . . . Call us old fashioned, but ain’t that supposed to be important???? Oh, and is anyone thinking about SAVANNAH as they make this arrangement . . . or the KIDS????