NOOOOOOO!!! Ludacris’ Girlfriend DROPS OUT Of Medical School . . . To Join His ENTOURAGE!!!

: has just received some VERY SAD NEWS. Ludacris girlfriend Euxonie has decided to take an INDEFINITE LEAVE from the Miller School Of Medicine at the University Of Miami . .. where she was attending.

Why the leave, you ask??? Well it turns out that Ludacris wanted to spend more time with her, and asked her to drop out – so that she can come on the road with him . . . . and she said YES!!!

OK . . . how can a chick smart enough to get into MEDICAL SCHOOL be so FREAKIN STUPID!!! The girl got a career in front of her and she’s dropping it for some dude . . . WHAT!!!

We know that plenty of Euxonie’s friends are readers. Can you guys do us a favor . . . and next time you see her . . . SMACK THE ISH out of her. Maybe that’ll bring her to her senses . . SHEESH!!!