Nick Cannon Tells WOMAN Who Was Talking Slick About MARIAH CAREY … I’m A REAL N*GGA!!!

: just got its hands on a disturbing piece of information. According to one of’s readers, Nick Cannon responded with the below DISTURBING EMAIL when confronted by a fan who criticized wife Mariah Carey.

Below are the reported emails sent from both the woman and Nick.


Nick Cannon has now OFFICIALLY CONFIRMED that he sent the below email. Here’s what he posted on his own blog:

Love the haters because they need it the most. But sometimes there is a line that is crossed to where people must forget that I am a real n!gga, and I ain’t gon’ let nobody say ominous things about me and especially not about my wife.

So from time to time I have to let people know the real. Like I said, “Don’t let the corny sh*t fool you…” So I guess Jasmine decided to post the email I wrote her on the web. Which is fine by me since I give out my email address on my site anyway and encourage people to email me directly.

So thanks Jas!

Ummm … Nick … it’s 100% NOT COOL to send that kind of an email to a woman … especially a Mariah fan