NFL’s Pacman Jones Acts A Fool At R Kelly’s Album Release Party, Makes Out With Khia

: One of’s faithful readers attended R Kelly’s album release party last night and witnessed former NFL star Pacman Jones acting real crazy. Here’s our reader’s play-by-play by one of what went down at the club:

Pac Man Jones, the NFL so called star was crazy at this party!!! He threw bottles into the crowd for no reason at all and hit random people while R Kelly is performing! [He also] got in this guys face to start a fight. [His antics] almost ruined R Kelly’s performance.

On top of that, this guy choose Khia, the rapper, to kiss on in VIP…eggghhhh!!!

[At one point during the night] me and my peeps thought it was a chance we was going to get into with this guy cuz of the rude things he was doing!! Throwing up Gang signs galore.

It’s just sad to see in person. Someone who is throwing away all that talent in the trash!! He hasn’t learned a damn thing!!

You’ll recall that a few months ago, Pacman Jones was involved in a strip club shooting that left one woman paralyzed for life. The NFL suspended Pacman for one year as a result of that incident.

Khia is best known for making the hit song My Neck, My Back