NFL Player Accused Of RAPING . . . Then IMPREGNATING . . . Popular Video Vixen!! (Who Do You BELIEVE)

: learned that police are INVESTIGATING a potential RAPE of popular video vixen Camille Washington. Camille is a college graduate, who has posed for SCANTILY CLAD mags like Show, King, etc.

Camille also has a REPUTATION for dating athletes. According to our insider, she’s dated more than a DOZEN!!

Well according to her, she was at a party – with a NUMBER of Denver Broncos players – including cornerback Perrish Cox. At the party she CLAIMS she was drugged. And when she woke up . . . she was in Perrish’s apartment, and felt as if she’d had intercourse.

But according to Parrish, Camille was getting it in with him AND OTHER PLAYERS. And that while he and A DRUNKEN Camille fooled around – he never had INTERCOURSE with her.

Well we already know THAT LAST PART of what Perrish said is a LIE . . . cause Camille gave BIRTH to his child 9 months after the incident. But as for the REST of the story, we’re SKEPTICAL TOO.

Here’s how USA TODAY is reporting it:

The victim allegedly raped by Broncos CB Perrish Cox in 2010 interacted with two other members of the team the night the incident occurred according to an affidavit obtained by The Denver Post.

DB Cassius Vaughn lived in the same apartment with Cox on the night in question last September. WR Demaryius Thomas met the victim at a nightclub, and she says he kissed and fondled her, though Thomas says he left Cox’s apartment after the victim passed out.

She claims to have been drugged and unknowingly had sex with Cox; a DNA test later confirmed he impregnated her. Vaughn and Thomas also provided DNA samples which cleared them of paternity.

Who do YOU believe???