NEW YORK HIP HOP THUGS ARE BACK!!!! Rapper 50 Cent’s Goons BEAT UP . . . And ROB Rival Rapper ON STAGE . . . During 50’s Performance!! (This Is CRAZY . . . MAYNNNE)

: Back when rapper 50 cent FIRST CAME ON THE SCENE – he was known for causing controversy and VIOLENCE. Last night, the TOP SELLING RAPPER was headlinining NY’s HOT 97 SUMMER JAM concert. The concert was EPIC – 50 reunited with his old G-Unit members Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Buck. He also brought out his homies Fabolous, YG, Yo Gotti, and Nas.

But what really got people talking is what happened with rival rapper SLOW BUCKS. You see 50 and Slow Bucks were having a PROBLEM a couple of weeks ago, then Slow Bucks TOOK IT THERE. Slowbucks and Trav went on Instagram and put up a picture with 50′s son. If you recall, 50 doesn’t play when you bring his family into it.

Fast forward to LAST NIGHT. Someone told Slow Bucks that everything was COOL with him and 50, but nobody told that to 50’s homies. Cause when they saw him on stage, the homies BEAT THE DOG SH*T outta dude – all while 50 and Fab were performing the song “Cuffing Season”. Later on in the night, you see 50 wearing Slow Bucks’ chain.

50 done brought that NEW YORK AGGRESSIVE ISH back . . .